Everi Games to Display Most Diverse Portfolio of Hardware Platforms, Game Content, Player-Engagement Features, and Banked Solutions at 2018 Global Gaming Expo


G2E Highlights Include Debut of All-New Empire DCX Premium Cabinet; Company’s First Mechanical Wheel Top Box; Growing Portfolio of Licensed Content;  Significantly Expanded Library of Gaming Themes; and Industry Unique Form Factors

Finale of Sixth Annual TournEvent of Champions Features 166 Participants Competing for $1 Million* Grand Prize

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everi Holdings Inc. (NYSE: EVRI) (“Everi” or the “Company”), the casino gaming industry’s only single source provider of gaming products and financial technology solutions, will debut a comprehensive portfolio of gaming entertainment solutions that will help casino operators deliver a more engaging experience for their players at the 18th annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E®), to be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center (Booth #1116) in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 9-11. Alongside a deep lineup of innovative Financial Technology solutions, Everi Games will display new cabinets and games, including more than 90 original game themes inclusive of 15 licensed brand titles; industry-unique hardware platforms that enable new entertainment experiences; extensions for player-popular game themes; and the thrilling conclusion to the sixth annual 2018 TournEvent of Champions®.

Michael Rumbolz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Everi, commented, “Our investments over the last several years in developing new gaming entertainment solutions and experiences for players have significantly expanded the areas of the slot floor we address.  We continue to evolve our product portfolio to include new gaming cabinets, original content, games featuring licensed brands from iconic entertainment properties, and exciting game play features. As a result, our solutions engage players at higher levels and help casino operators generate higher returns on their investments in our products.  The new hardware platforms and gaming content we will debut at G2E 2018 further raise the bar on the level of innovation and entertainment we provide to operators and their guests.  Our team is excited to demonstrate these products for our customers at the show.” 

Dean Ehrlich, Executive Vice President and Games Business Leader of Everi, added, “Our product development team is completely focused with a commitment to produce superior game content and hardware that creates unique player experiences that are sure to resonate throughout the slot floor. This focus has driven us to develop innovative cabinets and other hardware platforms as well as unique original content. Our new product introductions at G2E 2018 will continue our track record for delivering highly-differentiated form factors and game content. With our largest and most diverse display of new gaming entertainment solutions in Everi’s history, our booth at G2E 2018 is a must see for casino operators seeking products that will help them engage players and grow their business.”

Everi Games’ G2E 2018 product demonstrations will include:

Exciting New Hardware Platforms
As Everi continues to expand its game theme portfolio, the Company has developed new cabinets and other hardware platforms that help promote games, keep players engaged, and deliver new, immersive entertainment experiences.  The new cabinet and hardware platforms debuting at G2E this year include:

The new Empire DCX™ premium video cabinet features dual curved 43-inch monitors with integrated edge lighting, a 4K display that provides an immersive player experience, enhanced game controlled lighting, and premium 4.1 surround sound. Expected to hit casino floors in mid-2019, the Empire DCX will debut at G2E with two branded game themes: The Mask™ and The Karate Kid™.  The Maskslot game is based on New Line Cinema’s 1994 hit comedy that follow the misadventures of bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss, who is transformed into a manic hero when he wears a mysterious mask, and features exciting game play including mask reels with a nudge and pick feature and a free spin bonus. The Karate Kid is based on the popular feature film franchise [and now a Youtube Premium original series, Cobra Kai] that first debuted in 1984 featuring the struggles of Daniel LaRusso to overcome his transition to Southern California and a group of bullies with the help of Mr. Miyagi. The Karate Kid game features Miyagi Multipliers and a Young Hearts Respin that highlights LaRusso and his love interest Ali Mills.

Everi’s Renegade 3600™ offering is a larger-than-life hardware platform. The wide-area progressive (WAP) banked solution features three 43-inch convex curved monitors which combine to create a unique visual bonus experience along with a sign-based speaker package that supplements the sound capabilities of the individual Core HDX™ gaming cabinets. The platform offers a unique floor-wide celebration environment that is sure to turn heads.  The Renegade 3600 will debut two new games: Smokin’ Hot Stuff Jackpots™, a new version of Smokin’ Hot Stuff™ based on the friendly and fiery comic book character, and Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker’s Wild™, which is based on the popular new Snoop Dogg-hosted version of the classic TV game show that airs on TBS and where players compete by matching symbols on three reels and answering questions.

Empire Arena™ offers an immersive gaming experience and bank-wide bonuses across a six-pod arrangement of Empire 5527™ cabinets, making it impossible to miss on the gaming floor. Empire Arena features edge-lit shelves and circular signage that amplifies the product’s merchandising capabilities. At G2E 2018, Empire Arena will be featured with four base video game themes and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week® bank wide bonus feature that brings undersea adventure to life in a spectacular way with big win celebrations.

Everi is a leader in the high-denomination three-reel mechanical reel market segment with games that continue to rank at the highest levels of industry performance.  Building on this success, the Company’s new Skyline Revolve™ offering will introduce the first mechanical wheel top box feature for the popular Skyline™ top box which combines the traditional look and feel of the Player Classic® gaming cabinet with a vintage-inspired bezel for a thrilling reinvention of the classic mechanical cabinet. Skyline Revolve will debut at G2E with the latest extensions of games based on the Penn & Teller® and Casablanca® licenses, themes which have proven popular since their introduction on video platforms in 2016. The new platform also features dynamic lighting behind the wheel wedges and a physical bell that sounds during bonuses and big wins.

Growing Portfolio of Game Content
Everi has evolved its portfolio of gaming cabinets over the last several years and now delivers a broad range of unique cabinet designs to casinos across the U.S. and Canada. The Company is expanding its library of games featured on these cabinets and will highlight new and exciting gaming content at G2E 2018.

Since its introduction last year at G2E as a for-sale offering, the single-screen Empire MPX™ (the “E43”) has proven popular with players. With a smaller space requirement that allows for optimized bank configurations, the E43 enables operators to place more units in a dedicated space and save up to 25 percent of floor space compared to traditional bank configurations. The E43 features a 43-inch full HD display, game-controlled lighting with backlight feature, an ergonomic LCD button deck, and a USB charging dock.

New E43 standard games debuting at G2E 2018 include three new games for the Company’s Lightning Zap Jackpots series which does away with reels, lines, and pay tables to create an entirely new player experience. These new game extensions capitalize on the game’s proven formula for success with simplicity, random events, and huge upside. Each theme – Electric Rush, Power Burst and Super Charge– offers different features and distinct volatility levels.  Everi’s Apex Edge topper, a 27-inch monitor that sits atop the E43 cabinet and features game controlled edge lighting and unique game content displayed on the screen, will be featured on E43 for-sale offerings at the show.  MoneyBall® will also debut on the E43 standard cabinet featuring a random ball that awards static jackpots in a unique bonus event execution.

A new premium offering for the E43 cabinet that will debut at G2E is South Park®, the wildly successful animated sitcom on Comedy Central that is currently in its 22nd season. The game incorporates some of the show’s more unforgettable scenes and characters including They Killed Kenny free spins, a Professor Chaos multiplier feature, and Cupid Me Wilds features.

The Empire 5527 premium cabinet features a portrait-oriented 55-inch upper display and landscape-oriented 27-inch lower display to dazzle players. The Empire 5527 leverages proven technology from the Empire MPX to deliver an exciting new player experience with visuals never before seen on an Everi gaming device. New games debuting on the Empire 5527 cabinet include Press Your Luck®, based on the popular television game show which brings the excitement of table play to the slot floor. Felix the Cat®, a new game based on the iconic character that sprang from the age of silent films and first debuted nearly 100 years ago, will also be on display. Felix the Cat features seven interactive bonuses, progressives available on all bets, and easy to understand all scatter pays. 

Since its introduction in early 2017, Everi’s Core HDX® gaming cabinet has proven to be popular with players with its dual widescreen 23-inch, 1080p HD monitors, integrated touchscreens, and premium 3-way sound system.  Lazer Lock™, a banked multi-denomination linked progressive offering with four themes – Jade Empire™, Ice Sapphire™, Flame Ruby™, and Pharaoh’s Treasure™ – will be featured on the Core HDXLazer Lock features two unique free spin bonuses – one with wild multipliers and another with a three-reel symbol – and higher bets that provide players with better progressive odds.  Everi will also have on display Pop-N-Win™ on the Core HDXPop-N-Win is a banked, premium linked progressive game that features a custom faux-skill bonus game that mimics an asynchronous timed TournEvent® style game. Yardbirds 2 Foxy's Revenge®, Shark Attack®, and Honey Bear® will be featured as the base games at the show. 

For the popular three-reel mechanical reel Player Classic® cabinet, Everi is bringing several new innovations to G2E.  Cash Machine is the only stepper game of its kind with easy to understand game play and a max bet feature that activates all reels, and Hundred or Grandoffers simple all or nothing gameplay for the hi-denomination player with only two available prizes – 100 credits or 1,000 credits. In addition, the legendary country music of Willie Nelson, one of the most iconic American singer-songwriters of all time, will be featured in a follow-up to the successful WAP games introduced earlier this year for Class II and Class III markets.  Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again is a new banked concept that features a symbol-triggered progressive and an opportunity to respin up to nine times with a winning spin.

Everi will also introduce the Player Classic 26, adding a 26-inch top box to the Player Classic cabinet with the Liberty Spirit theme among others.  The Player Classic Boost, which integrates an Apex N topper, is a for-sale linked progressive offering and will feature several games including Wild Electric Diamond, Wild Jewels, and Wild Gems Extra Spin.

Sixth Annual TournEvent of Champions
The award-winning, industry-leading TournEvent slot tournament solution has been a centerpiece of Everi’s G2E presence for more than 10 years and on casino floors for nearly as long.  Everi will again host The Million Dollar Event®* at G2E 2018, bringing to an exciting conclusion the 2018 TournEvent of Champions, which kicked off in May 2018.  

Now in its sixth consecutive year, the 2018 TournEvent of Champions featured three tour buses and The Money Man® visiting 104 partner casinos across the United States and Canada. More than 200,000 participants competed in TournEvent qualifiers to identify the 166 players who will compete on October 10 at XS in the Wynn/Encore Las Vegas Resort for a share of more than $1.3 million in cash prizes, including a $1 million* top prize. Everi will live stream all of the action via Facebook Live on its TournEvent of Champions and Super Jackpot Slots™ Casino Community Facebook pages.

*Payable in periodic payments over 20 years or in a lump sum, present day cash value payment.

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